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Standards of Weights and Measures

(Packaged Commodity) Rules, 1977

Rule 2 - Pre-packged Commodity, means a commodity, which without the purchaser being present,

            is placed in a package of whatever nature, whether sealed or opened,so that the commodity

           contain therein has a pre determined value and includes those commodities which could be

           taken out of the package for testing or examining or inspecting the commodity.

Rule 6 - Every pre packaged commodity before kept for sale shall bear there on following declarations.

            1) Name and address of the manufacturer or packer or importer.

            2) Generic name of the commodity.

            3) Net quantity in terms of standard units of weight or measure or


            4) Month and year in which a commodity is manufactured or

                packed or imported.

            5) Retail sale price of package in the form of maximum retail

                price ........ inclusive of all taxes or in the form of MRP Rs......

                inclusive of all taxes.

                6) For Complaint redressal :- Every  package shall bear the Name,Address ,Telephone number,Email address,if available, of the person 

                     who can be or the office which can be contacted,in case of consumer  complaints . 

Rule 23 - No wholesale dealer or retail dealer shall sell, distribute, deliver, display or store

              for sell any commodity in packaged form unless the packaged compliance with,

              in all respect, the provisions of the Act and these Rules.

             (2) No retail dealer or other person shall make any sell of any commodity in packaged

                  form at a price exceeding the retail sale price thereof.

             (6) No retail dealer or other person shall obliterate, smudge or alter the retail sale price

                   indicated by the manufacturer or packer as the case may be.

             (7) The manufacturer or packer shall not alter the price on the wrapper once printed and used for packing.

Rule23(A)- All retailers are covered under the value added tax or turn over tax and dealing in packaged commodities

                whose net content declaration is by weight or volume or a combination thereof shall maintain a electronic

                weighing machine of at least accuracy Class-III with facility to issue a printed receipt indicating among

                other things, gross quantity, price and the like, at a prominent place in their retail premises free of cost,

                for the benefit of consumers.

Rule 35 - As per provision of this Rules every manufacturer, packer and importer shall get themselves registered

              within 90 days from commencement of their business. Application form for registration as per Annexture-

Application format for Manufacturer/Packer/Importer, registration as per Rule 35 of Standards of Weights and Measures (P.C.) Rule, 1977. 


Controller of 

Legal Metrology,

Maharshtra  State, Mumbai.


  1) Name of the Applicant  :-

  2) Complete address of  :- 

      the registered office 

  3) Complete address of the  :-


      Importing premises   

 4) Items to be Manufactured/ :-


5) Name of the Proprietor :-



  Date :-

  Place :-                                                                                                                                                     ( Signature & Designation )


Application format for Manufacturer/Packer/Importer, shorter address registration as per Rule 36 of Standards of Weights and Measures (P.C.) Rule, 1977.


Controller of

 Legal Metrology,

Maharshtra  State, Mumbai.


 1) Name of the Applicant  :-

 2) Complete address of      :- 

     the registered office 

 3) Manufacturer/Packer/    :- 

     Importer registration 

    certificate no. & date. 

4) Required Shorter address :- 


 Date :- 

 Place :- 

( Signature & Designation ) 

 Documents  Required  for  Manufacturer / Packers / Importer Registration 

1) Attested  Xerox copy of  Sales Tax Licence .

2) Attested  Xerox  copy of  Pan Card .

3) Attested  Xerox  copy of  IEC Code.(for Importer only) 

4) Copy of  Memorandium  of  Association.(form no 18 of  Registrar of company) 

5) Partnership deed (for partnership firm) 

6) Samples of  Mfg / Packed / Imported  Items.

7)Pay Order/D.D of Rs. 500/- payable at Mumbai in  favor of  Controller of Legal